Banff 2024

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2024

The 2024 Banff Tour programme shows you a range of places where adventure is still waiting for you. Come along and roam the endless expanses of Kyrgyzstan in search of untouched ski runs and get to know the Rocky Mountains from the inside with a group of cave explorers. And even more...

The films


Goodbye football pitch, hello snowpark! If it were up to his father, Mustafa Ceylan would have definitely become a famous football player. 


Kilian Bron takes us on a journey across North America—by mountain bike, of course—from Sedona via Squamish and Grand Junction to the urban jungle of New York City.


Futuristic, absurd, next-level: Frenchman Sébastien Bouin acheives the first ascent of the ‘DNA’ route in the Verdon Gorge in southern France.


Cave explorers Katie Graham and Franck Tuot want to find the deepest and longest cave in British Columbia. They assemble two determined teams and embark on a multiday underground expedition.


A group of freeriders seek adventure in Kyrgyzstan. Fascinated by the mighty peaks of the western Tian Shan mountain range, they take on an arduous journey.


Together with six paragliders and their paramotors, we discover the terrific desert landscapes of the American Southwest - naturally from the bird's perspective.

Duration: 130 mins

Subtitles available in: German, English, French, Dutch and Slovenian

Available until 31.12.2024

Suitable without age restrictions (acc. to FSK)

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