Banff Program

Our traditional Banff Program shows the best mountain and adventure films of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Including : climbing, mountain biking and freeriding, as well as two dedicated environmentalists and as highlight the outstanding alpine documentary K2: The Impossible Descent.

The Films


By skiing down one of the most challenging eight-thousanders, Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel achieves the almost impossible. With the help of his brother Bartek, a skilled drone pilot, he becomes the first person to conquer the 8611-meter K2 on skis.


Fast-paced rides and wild rumours. In this MTB short, everything revolves around a mysterious secret spot that Belgian pro biker Tommy G claims to have found. A grandiose backdrop as well as some creative camerawork and light comedy set this mountain biking film apart.


Drill. Set. Climb. In the past 30 years, Toni Arbones has set about a thousand routes in the Siurana climbing area (Catalan, Spain). This film is a portrait of a self-described hippie and master climber who continues to discover and drill new and notoriously difficult routes for other climbers to experience and appreciate.


Charge reloaded. Five freeskiers and a drone pilot from last year's action-packed hit film explore British Columbia for a second time. With both GoPros and drones, the film captures unique perspectives of the skiers' high-flying, technical trickery in the powdery glades of the Monashee Mountains.


On a canoe trip to Lake Superior, eight-year-old Josiah is confronted with the biggest question of our time—are we treating the earth with respect or exploiting it? He issues a plea for environmental protection in order to save his beloved adventure playground—our endangered planet.


Represent: Fly fisherman Chris Hill is committed to protecting the environment and is also trying to make people of colour, severely underrepresented in the outdoor community, more visible. In doing so, she has tackled two monumental tasks at once.


Climbing in Mexico. With Fernanda Rodriguez and her friends—some of the world's strongest female climbers—we explore the toughest routes of El Salto. There is a balance of challenge and fun until Fernanda is seized by an almost forgotten ambition...

Duration: 110 mins

Subtitles available in German and English

Available until 31/12/2021

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