Best of International OCEAN FILM TOUR – Episode Three

Best of International OCEAN FILM TOUR

Once a rookie amongst his peers, Kai Lenny has evolved into one of the most versatile surfers (PARADIGM LOST). For Heiðar Logi, all it takes to surf is guts and a beer-fueled bargain with the North Atlantic wind on Iceland (THE ACCORD). When Mexican amateur crew of sailor Ramón Carlín gives the sailing elite a run for their money in the world’s first round-the-world sailing race (THE WEEKEND SAILOR) and SONIC SEA explains an invisible force threatening life under the waves: Sound pollution.

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Seventeen yachts, seven nations, 27,000 miles at sea: When the first Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race sets off from Portsmouth, England in 1973, it’s not only the Empire’s most renowned sailing teams on the start line. There’s a dark horse in the competition: Ramón Carlín, aptly named the Weekend Sailor, decides to take part: With a motley crew of friends and family and next to no sailing experience, the 50-year-old Mexican embarks on a voyage to remember. Shunned by the press at first, Carlín turns into the unlikely hot contender of the race. THE WEEKEND SAILOR tells the legendary story of a man the sailing world wasn’t ready for. (Vol. 4)


If you want to surf in Iceland, you need to know what you’re up against: The forces of nature reign fiercely on this northern island. The grimmest is the North Atlantic wind. In the mind of surfer Heiðar Logi Elíasson this wind is a red-bearded drunkard, unpredictable and capricious. The rough beauty of Iceland and its inhabitants’ black humour set the stage for THE ACCORD, the tale of a surfer making friends with a force of nature. (Vol. 4)


We think of the ocean as a quiet place. It isn't. But the noisiest creature in the seven seas aren't whales - it's us humans: Marine vessels, sonic probing and military tests erupt and disrupt every life in the ocean, leading to mass stranding of whales and more. Sonic Sea is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution. (Vol. 3)


Kai Lenny—kitesurfer, windsurfer, and big-wave, tow-in, and stand-up paddle surfer—is aptly described as a total waterman. The Hawaiian, who stepped on a surfboard for the first time at the age of five, is regarded as an exceptional talent. Like no other surfer out there, Lenny thrives on the water, feeling his way into the wind and waves, independent of the equipment. In PARADIGM LOST, he shows us the ultimate watersports action in a variety of disciplines and in the best spots worldwide! (Vol. 5)

Duration: 97 mins

Subtitles available in German and English

Available until March 2022

Suitable without age restrictions (acc. to FSK)

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