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Banff 2021 4 in 1 Bundle

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Dear runners, this is our program for you. With the Running Special we’ve put together four documentaries about breaking speed records, finding one’s rhythm and maintaining endurance under most challenging circumstances - especially in the adventure documentary Running the Roof.

The Films


A drunken bet, a spin of a globe, and three friends find themselves running 400 km across Tajikistan. This equates to a marathon a day for a week, at an altitude of up to 4500 meters. It is a running adventure that requires extraordinary endurance and quickly pushes them to their limits.


In this short film, we are immersed in the world of drummer and trail runner Kyle Richardson. He shows us what it feels like for him to find his rhythm while running. Tempo provides a slightly different look at the sport, set to an unusual and stirring soundtrack.


FKT is 'fastest known time' or, in other words, a speed record. Trail runner Jeanelle Hazlett wants to set such a record on Mount Brunswick in British Columbia. Hikers need about seven hours; how fast can Jeanelle reach the summit?


Indian trail runner Kieran D'Souza wants to inspire more people from his home country to take up the sport by setting a new speed record on Mount Friendship (5289 meters). In his eyes, the Himalayas offer so much more than expeditions and high-altitude mountaineering.

Duration: 92 mins

Subtitles available in German and English

Available until 31/12/2021

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